Social Research Award

Based on the center’s keen interest that all its work of research, events, scientific activities, and social initiatives have a positive and effective social impact, at a national level and in light of the belief in the role of scientific research in understanding social issues and challenges, and finding appropriate solutions, the Social Research Award Initiative was developed. It is an award with a legal identity associated with the National Center for Social Studies, chaired honorarily by His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and supervised by the Director-General of the Center.

The award is to honor researchers whose research has contributed to understanding social issues, identifying challenges facing social development, and finding effective solutions as well as motivating researchers to innovate and excel in addressing social issues in Saudi society, thus contributing to improving quality of life in the Kingdom which is one the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

This guide is developed to introduce the Award in order to strengthen the partnership with researchers in the field of social sciences, and to achieve the award’s values in justice, transparency and equal opportunities. Specifically, it aims to highlight the award’s objectives, branches, and to clarify the nomination procedures, conditions, and the nomination entity, in accordance with the award system approved by the award’s board of trustees.