Conditions and Nomination Criteria
  1. The scientific work should include aspects that are applicable and beneficial to Saudi society.
  2. The nominee must abide by the announced award branches, conditions, and application deadlines.
  3. The publication of the work submitted for the award should be within the last five years.
  4. The submitted work should not have received an award at the same level or higher.
  5. The work should not be nominated for more than one branch.
  6. The work can be submitted in Arabic, or any other languages.
  7. The award can be withdrawn in the case of violation of research ethics.
  8. The applicant or nominating agency shall sign nomination form and bear responsibility of correctness of information and intellectual property.
  1. The work submitted must be original and creative.
  2. The research must apply proper research methodology.
  3. The nominated work should contribute to the development of social, economic, or environmental aspects that are applicable to the Saudi society.
  4. The results of the research should contribute to the development of strategies or legislations that serve social development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. The work should be of high quality based on the referee’s evaluation of the scientific journal in which the research was published, or based on the journal’s impact factors, if any.
  6. Commitment to research ethics.
  7. The research should be well written.
  1. The nominee must abide by the specified dates for nomination.
  2. The nominee must abide by the terms and conditions stated in the award announcement.
  3. The nominee holds full legal responsibility for any right or claim (moral, legal, financial, or other) arising as a result of the work submitted towards any other party (natural or moral).
  • Nomination is only accepted from those authorized to nominate or directly from the researchers themselves.
  • Groups authorized for nomination have the right to nominate only one published research for announced branches.
  • Groups authorized for nomination should submit their nominations within deadlines and include the following document:
  1. An acknowledgment from the agency nominated that it has the intellectual property of the work, and clarification of the relationship between the agency and the nominee, if such a relationship exists.
  2. The nominee CV if the nominee is an individual, or brief information about the agency or institute if they are the nominating body.
  3. Brief introduction of legal personality (institution) nominated to win the award, including their legal form, date of establishment, objectives, type of services or products it provides and field of activity.
  4. A brief description, not exceeding two pages, that explains the nature of the nominated work and reasons for nomination.
  5. If the nominee is an individual, a recent personal photo must be attached.