Council Governance

  • The Coordinating Council is composed of a president, who is the director general of the National Center for Social Studies, a vice president and a general secretary who are elected by the council.
  • Council members are made up of directors of governmental and non-governmental research centers.
  • Membership of research centers is accepted after signing a memorandum of understanding with the Coordinating Council (or by filling out an application form for joining the membership of the Coordinating Council), and the Council’s approval of membership after signing the pledge to abide by the Council’s regulations and decisions.
  • The Council meets at least twice a year or as needed in a place decided by the Council president. It is organized by the National Center for Social Studies; for each meeting an agenda is prepared that is sent via e-mail to all members at least ten days before the meeting.
  • The Coordinating Council includes sub-committees to focus on specific important issues, which are submitted to the council’s president and then presented to the members in the periodic meeting.