Center Director

Praise be to God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions. As for what follows:

Based on the center’s vision to be the “most influential social research organisation” we work with local partners from all sectors to support and motivate community efforts to promote Islamic values and national identity in accordance with the strategic objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. The Center develops solutions to social issues and problems by conducting many research studies that will improve the quality of life and community development, and have an impact on policy and decision-making related to various aspects of social development.
The Center aspires to be the most prominent center in the development of Saudi society, advancing the efficiency of decision-making in its institutions, and helping them formulate policies related to development and social affairs. The Center also provides scientific, research and technical advisory services to public and private social institutions to improve and develop their services.
In conclusion, we ask God to help us serve this country, its leadership and its children, and to make our work purely for the sake of the public good

Director General of the National Center for Social Studies

Prof. Dr. Sami bin Abdulaziz Al-Damgh

أ.د سامي بن عبدالعزيز الدامغ