Social Research Support Program (supporter)

The Social Research Support Program (supporter) is specialized in carrying out evaluation research according to the rules and methodological methods for the various community programs. It supports priority and national research and distinguished research for specialists and scientific researchers in the social field, in addition to their professional qualification. It also supports the development of scientific and research programs in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Specializes in research and national social studies, whether theoretical or field. The program is implemented in response to a directive from the High Commissioner or the participating and beneficiary parties with the Center.

It specializes in supporting listed and announced research related to important and high priority issues, contributing to finding permanent solutions to them, and supporting the development of modern social programs and issues.

It specializes in giving space for researchers, experts and specialists to present their scientific, research and qualitative initiatives that are characterized by innovative, renewable and non-typical solutions to social problems and issues. It contributes to the development of research curricula and methods, social measures, advisory studies and opinion poll studies, which achieve the goals and vision of the center

It specializes in the development of policies, regulations, regulations, projects, specialized reports and scientific publications implemented by the center, whether their implementation is with self-efforts or joint efforts with other relevant parties. Its role is to support decision-making regarding social affairs, and to empower the national research community

It specializes in supporting the distinguished research capabilities of postgraduate students, especially research and studies approved by Saudi universities, which seek to solve social problems of national priority in line with the goals and interests of the center and are implemented by university students to complete the requirements for obtaining a master’s or doctorate degree.