This refereed electronic scientific journal is issued twice a year by the National Center for Social Studies and Research. It is concerned with publishing modern academic studies and scientific research in the social field, as well as publishing reviews of new books and providing summary reports on international conferences in Arabic. Thus, the journal targets all researchers interested in various social issues to represent a horizon of the scientific research movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In particular, the journal is concerned with publishing studies and research in the field of social studies with the aim of addressing issues of Saudi, Gulf and Arab society. The journal focuses on studies related to:

1- Sociology
2- Social Service
3- Social related topics


The vision for the Journal is to be pioneering in the electronic publishing of research and social studies in the Kingdom.


The journal seeks to become a scientific and original reference in social studies to serve researchers and scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf and the Arab world.

1. To be an electronic scientific reference for researchers in social studies and research.
2. To disseminate rigorous scientific research in the field of sociology, social work and related sciences at the local and regional levels.
3. To encouraging innovation in social research fields through robust social studies and research.
4. To contribute to the development of researchers and scholars, by enabling them to publish their scientific research related to social studies and research
5. To be forward-looking by publishing social studies and research findings on the future of society and social issues
6. To encourage scientific and research communication and collaboration between specialists in the fields served by the journal.

The journal team consists of:
1. General Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sami bin Abdulaziz Al-Damegh, Director General of the National Center for Social Studies.
2. The Editorial Board.
3. An Advisory Body.

Publication in the journal is limited to:
1. Scientific research that has not been previously published and is distinguished by its originality, modernity, novelty, respect for publication conditions and scientific integrity
2. Research extracted from the scientific theses of the author(s)
3. Reviewing books specialized in sociology, social work, and topics related to social affairs.

1. Researchers wishing to publish are directly and exclusively responsible for all cases and lawsuits related to copyright and intellectual property that may be raised by any interested party against the magazine, and they are obligated to bear all legal consequences in this regard, without any liability to the magazine.
2. The researcher’s submission of his research is an undertaking by the researcher that the research has not been previously published, and that it has not been submitted and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until the end of his arbitration procedures in the journal.
3. The journal editorial management and its committee have the right to a preliminary examination of the research, to determine its eligibility for arbitration, or to reject it without referring it to arbitration and without the journal’s obligation to give reasons.
4. All research, after being approved by the editorial board, is subject to scientific arbitration in a double-secret manner, in which the arbitrators do not know the name of the researcher/researcher and he/she does not know the names of the arbitrators.
5. The communication of researchers with the arbitrators is through the electronic journal platform, and the researchers are obligated to make or refute the amendments proposed by the arbitrators.
6. When the research is accepted for publication, it may not be published in any other paper or electronic publishing outlet, without written permission from the editor-in-chief.
7. The names of the researchers contributing to the scientific paper or research must be listed depending on the percentage of achievement, so that the first name of the researcher is the most contributing, then the researcher next, and so on.
8. If the research is funded by an entity, this must be indicated and mentioned in the paper.
9. The paper submitted for publication must not have been published in any journal, or under procedure and review in another journal.
10. If any fraud or theft is proven before or after publication, this will be considered a scientific crime, and the journal has the right to reject or withdraw the research, and to deprive the researcher of publication again in the journal. The journal also has the right to inform national and international associations and editorial boards of scientific journals about this crime.
11. Researchers have the right to quote from the research published in the journal, provided that the source is indicated, but it may not be republished in another journal.
12. The scientific work is submitted electronically through the journal portal ( and the entire research is attached in (Word) format, and another in (PDF) format.
13. The number of research pages should not exceed (35) pages, including the text, references and appendices, and the number of search words should not exceed (10 thousand words) including Arabic and English abstracts, keywords, references and appendices.
14. Page margins shall be (2.50 cm) for all sides.
15. Leaves in each new paragraph an indent for the first line by (1 cm).
16. The spacing between the lines shall be (1.15) in a font type (Traditional Arabic) and in size (15), and the main and sub-headings are written in the same type of font, but in size (16), and in bold (Bold).
17. The tables and figures shall be placed in their correct places, provided that they include the titles and the necessary explanatory data, and in a font size (12).
18. The page numbering is in the middle of the page from the bottom of the paper, and the font is Times New Roman, size (12).
19. The researcher is obligated to arrange the research according to the following steps:
A- Title: It is written on the first page of the research, provided that the number of words in the title does not exceed (15) words, followed by the researcher’s name, address, and the researcher’s email.
b- Abstract in Arabic: It is written on the first page of the research, provided that it does not exceed (200) words, followed by keywords that are not less than three words and not more than six words.
c- Abstract in English: Abstract: It is written at the beginning of the second page of the research, provided that it does not exceed (200) words, followed by keywords, which are not less than three words and not more than six words.
20. The journal accredits the documentation of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition) (American Psychological Association, APA 7the).