Social values cover the behavior of the individual and society and are a source of its growth and development. Values and principles today are witnessing rapid progress and successive changes in various aspects of social life. In the spirit of enhancing the intellectual, developmental and human values of the Kingdom, the Council of Ministers Resolution (220) was issued on 7/7/1433 AH approving the organization of the National Center for Social Studies by the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, based in Riyadh. It contributes to strengthening the social values and principles that advance society, enhancing modern positive social phenomena, and finding solutions to the negative ones.
The Center monitors, studies and analyzes phenomena that affect social and family affairs, presents solutions and recommendations and provides relevant government agencies with clear scientific results, statistics and outputs that can be used in setting policies and plans and making decisions related to various aspects of social development to reach sustainable solutions. The Center aims to have a role in setting standards and formulating strategies that contribute to protecting the quality of Saudi community life, keeping pace with the latest social developments, determining the best ways to measure modern social phenomena. The Center also supports workers with the aim of supporting and training them in the social field, and holding local and national scientific seminars, conferences and workshops.
The National Center for Social Studies aspires to be a center of expertise and an observatory of statistics, survey and scientific studies related to social affairs, and to make recommendations to strengthen the social and family fabric and develop the related policies and regulations.