Center's tasks and its specialties


The Strategic Goal

The center aims to conduct research and social studies on issues, phenomena and social problems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to propose appropriate recommendations and solutions in this regard.

Tasks and Specialties

Tasks and the center’s specialties are represented as follows:
  1. Conducting theoretical and field research and social studies.
  2. Monitoring the issues, phenomena and social problems that preoccupy Saudi society, studying them and finding solutions to them.
  3. Conducting evaluation research to identify the shortcomings in the various community programs.
  4. Publishing research, scientific studies, books and refereed manuscripts.
  5. Issuing a refereed scientific journal specialized in publishing in various fields of social sciences.
  6. Developing scientific research methods to help researchers in social fields.
  7. Providing scientific and technical advisory services to public and private social institutions to improve and develop their services.
  8. Contribute to holding scientific symposia and workshops for specialists and those interested in social sciences in Saudi, Gulf and Arab society.
  9. Preparing a database and central information for social studies and research, for researchers and specialists in social fields.
  10. Cooperation with research and studies centers specialized in social affairs.
  11. Training workers in the social field, whether from within or outside the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.