The Fifth Meeting of the Coordinating Council of Social Research Centers

The Coordination Council of Social Research Centers held its fifth meeting, on Monday 07/11/1443 AH corresponding to 06/06/2022 AD. In the presence of the Chairman of the Council, His Excellency Prof. Sami bin Abdulaziz Al-Damgh.

During the meeting, a number of topics included in the meeting’s agenda were discussed, including the formation of an executive committee of the Council headed by the Secretary-General of the Council, presenting its objectives, tasks and members. Members of the Council, as well as a review of the priority research program for small research projects of the National Center for Social Studies and Research, in addition to a number of related topics.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Coordinating Council of the Social Research Centers thanked the management of the center and the executive and specialized committees for their efforts during the last period.